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Who are more likely to cheat, men or women? While men have always had a worse reputation for being unfaithful, recent studies show that women cheat as much as men, but the difference is that they are more likely to lie about it, in fact, they are better liars than men are.

I’m not going to talk about scientific results or statistics to support the idea that women cheat as much as mean, instead, I’m going to use real life experiences and you can decide by yourself who cheats the most.

Few years ago I was in Mexico City, and a friend of mine owned few motels in the city. Mexico City is not what most people think, is a very modern city, not the kind of city you see on the movies with cactuses and stuff like that. In Mexico City is very common to find motels, not like the Super 8, in fact, some of them are as fancy as a JW, the difference is that you book a room only for couple of hours and housekeeping needs to change the sheets several times a day.

Mexico’s society is much more progressive and less conservative than the US society, I know it doesn’t sound right, but reality is that they are only Catholics by name and when is convenient, but that doesn’t mean their actions are motivated by what the church or religion dictates, in fact they don’t give a damn, anyways, for Mexicans going to a motel is a normal thing, not a taboo like in the US.

motel1 motel3 motel4 motel5

Now that you have the picture about these motels, I’ll continue the story. One day my friend asked me this “Who do you think cheat the most, men or women?” Of course I said “Men”, so he said, “What would you think if I say that men and women cheat the same?” Well, I needed to see that.

One day my friend invited me to conduct an experiment, so, I met him at one of his motels on a Wednesday at 6 am.

The way these motels operate is the following:

  1. A couple approaches the entrance of the hotel.
  2. For security reasons, a video camera has to take video of all cars entering and exiting the property.
  3. A motel employee tells the car to follow him.
  4. Then, the employee opens a door garage and the car enters the garage.
  5. Once the car is in the garage the guests pay the motel fee.
  6. At that time the employee closes the garage door and the party is ready to start.

My friend’s motel has 60 rooms and each room can be booked for up to 3 hours, if a client needs more than 3 hours then they have to pay for extra 3 hours. From 7:00 am through 1:00 pm we analyzed the customers going through the camera and the results were amazing.

  1. In 6 hours, rooms were booked 172 times.
  2. On average, customers used the rooms for 2 hours instead of three.
  3. 85% percent of the times, the driver was a woman.
  4. 90% of the times were heterosexual couples, one male and one female, and 10% of the times were homosexual couples, two females, only one case of two guys.
  5. Most of the times women looked older than their male partner, but it was more difficult to tell in the homosexual couples.
  6. It was hard to tell how people were dressed, but a quick glance of their attire looked like both males and females were using sporty outfits, like gym clothes and sweatshirts. Women didn’t look overdressed or with a very complicated makeup.

From 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm we took a break, not because the motel was empty but because the customers are teenagers and because there’s no regulation to ID customers, I can tell you that you can see couples as young as 16 year old, so who know if they are cheating or not.

At 6:00 pm we resume the experiment, so from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am we were checking again the type of customers were visiting the motel and these were the results:

  1. In 6 hours, rooms were booked 309 times.
  2. On average, customers used the rooms for 1.15 hours instead of three.
  3. 96% percent of the times, the driver was a man.
  4. 85% of the times were heterosexual couples, one male and one female, and 15% of the times were homosexual couples with two males.
  5. Most of the times men looked older than their female partner.
  6. It was hard to tell how people were dressed, but a quick glance of their attire looked like both males and females wore business outfits.

After gathering all these results my friend explained me the numbers.

In the mornings, a lot of married women accompanied by young men visit the motel, that is the reason why the hours. They go after they drop the kids at school and before they pick them up. That also explains why the gym clothes; most women say the go to the gym when in reality they go to the motel, but to be fair, in some ways is like going to the gym, they are going to make exercise and burn calories and they have a trainer taking care of them. Women like to take their time, reason why the rooms were occupied on average two hours.

At night, a lot of married guys go to the hotels with younger women, sometimes from work or sometimes women they met at a local bar or their lovers. The reason for the hours is because men have to work and the only time they have is after work. Most men just want to have a quickie, or they have to go back home to put their kids on bed, reason why on average they only spend 1:15 hours instead of two like women in the morning.

Why if men and women cheat the same, only men are famous for being cheating? It is very simple.

  • Because women are not famous for being cheaters, most men will never doubt of them and as result, not many men question their wives or girlfriends about the time they spend at the gym, so if a woman cheats, men will never know.
  • The opposite for men, because men are famous for being cheaters, most women will never trust that their husbands or boyfriends go out at night only with their friends, or that they had to stay late for work or that the business dinner was with a client, reason why, if a man cheats, women will know.
  • How many times have you called your wife or your girlfriend and they don’t pick the phone? For sure countless times, and, what is their answer? I didn’t hear the phone because it was in my purse, or I was meditating, I was taking a shower, I forgot it at home, I was working out so I left it in the locker, etc. If a woman receives a call when she is with another man and because she knows she can use any excuse, she will not get distracted, and let’s face it, if men make a big deal because their wives or girlfriend didn’t pick-up the phone, they will make a bigger deal of it and will accuse us of not trusting them, and most likely we will be the ones feeling bad.
  • If a wife calls her husband and he doesn’t pick-up the phone or reply to a text in two minutes, for sure there’s a fight. If a man receives a call when he is with another woman, he knows he has to pick it up so he will get distracted, will sound frustrated and will not have the time to come up with an excuse, so most likely the man will say something like “mmmm hi honey, I’mmmmmmm with my friends from work”, the she will say, are you in a bar, and he will say “mmmm yeap”, then she will say, “so, why I don’t hear any background noise”, then he will say “mmmm, is because I’m in the bathroom”. Guys, get caught because the excuses are really bad, everybody knows that if you are in a bathroom, there’s always like an echo and there’s no such thing like complete silence in a bars’ bathroom; if you say you are in a meeting, we all know that it’s a bad excuse as well, if you were really in a meeting, chances are that you will not pick-up the phone, so that excuse will not work as well.
  • For women is easier to cheat in the mornings, how many men have the time check on their wives in the mornings? We usually are so busy with meetings and work that if we call and they don’t pick-up we probably won’t care.
  • For men, is not easy to cheat after work, let’s be real, how often do men really have to work late or attend night meetings?

So my conclusion is that is really difficult to conclude that women cheat as much as men, due to the fact that it’s easier for them to do it and never been caught, they are masters in terms of keeping secrets and making excuses and when men has doubts about them, the result is a big fight and not because men think women are cheating on them, but because men don’t trust them.

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