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People always say that this a men’s world, but, is it really or is this a women’s world? I think men want to believe that this is a men’s world, but when men see a pair of boobs all their world falls apart.

Just think about all kinds of things that a pair of boobs can cause:

  • Wars
  • Bar fights
  • Loss of friendships
  • Bankruptcy
  • And many others

When I was a teenager I was dating the most beautiful girl at school and a punk who didn’t stand a chance with her, but he liked her a lot; kicked my butt off one day after school just because he couldn’t stand the idea of seeing me dating her. Just one note here, I lost that battle because he wasn’t alone, it was him and 8 other guys against me but I kept the girl.

Women are not stupid, but is bizarre how they think tough; they know that they can gain a lot of things from men just by showing a little bit of skin, but at the same time if you stare at them they will say you are a freak; so it’s ok to stare at their boobs if they will gain something otherwise it might be considered harassing.

So guys, be smart; women will continue using their boobs to make you do stupid things if you don’t know how to control yourself, if you want to see boobs, go to the internet, it’s the same. Believe me, just because a girl in the street shows you a little bit of skin doesn’t mean you are going to touch it or it means she wants go out on a date with you, and, on the internet, you are not going to touch anything but you can see tons of boobs.

Ask yourself the following questions

If I carry her books all over the place, will she go out with me? If you are ugly and she is cute, most likely the answer is NO, so why bother. If she is cute and you are handsome, well she will still go out with you even if you don’t carry her books, so again why bother, wait until she is your girlfriend.

If I buy her a drink at a bar, will I get her phone number? Before buying drinks, engage in a conversation with her; if she is really worth it and you have an opportunity then you buy her a drink.

Let’s say you are a taxi driver and you offer a free ride to a girl just because she is beautiful or you own a restaurant and you offer free food to a beautiful woman; ask yourself, what do you really win? The answer is nothing; well you are going to lose money that’s for sure.

Throughout my life I dated with a lot of women and I wasn’t one of those guys who would do anything for a girl, in fact, when I girl asked me things like, can you carry my books? Can I use your sit? Can you do my homework for me? I always said NO and guess what? I became a challenge for those girls, they couldn’t stand the idea that I wasn’t’ losing my head for a pair of boobs. What I really gained was lots of dates, girls helping me with my homework, girls picking me up at my house, etc.

Take a look to this video and ask yourself again, do you want to lose your head for a pair of boobs that you most likely will never touch or you want a pair of boobs going crazy because you are not losing your head for them and because of that you may have a chance to touch them?


Original video can be found here 

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