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For years, we have been told that men think about sex more often than women, and that seems to be right. Women will always complain that men only think about sex and it really bothers them, maybe because they are incapable of thinking about sex as often as men do or maybe because they feel threaten by the fact that their men will be thinking about sex when they are not with them. Men in the other hand complain about the fact that women don’t think enough about sex.

Mother Nature is wise; can you imagine what would happen if men and women crave sex in the same way? Two thinks could happen; we either have sex the whole day or once a month.

After talking to a group of female friends and ex-girlfriends about this topic, all of them agreed that they do think about sex but is not quite often as men because all the time and preparation they need to think about it.

I will use this analogy to explain this issue better. Men are like helicopters and women are like airplanes.

In a helicopter, the pilot just needs to start the engine and when opens the throttle completely the helicopter is ready to take off vertically. Some helicopters like the Apache can start up and be gone in about 2 to 3 minutes. The average helicopter can fly about 300 to 400 miles and they can stay in the air 2 hours on average. The surface required for taking off and landing is really small, in other words, helicopters can take off and land almost anywhere.

Men are like helicopters, if we see something that motivates us sexually, our Brain starts the engine and in a matter of seconds we are ready and flying. We also take off vertically “our best friend stands up vertically”. But the sex thought doesn’t last long, it will be there for few minutes and of course, we don’t care where we are, we can take off from literally any place and under any circumstances. Once we land, we don’t need too much time to refuel; like helicopters, fueling doesn’t take too much because our gas tank is small. So if you think about it, we can take off and land many times during the day, reason why the amount of time we think about sex seems a little bit too much.


Airplanes in the other hand are much more complex machines. In order to start a plane the pilot needs to check tons of instruments before moving anywhere and that process takes several minutes. Once all instruments, weather conditions and airspeed have been checked the airplane is lined up on a runway that will give it the best headwind. Then, the engines are revved up to a certain percentage of full power “not yet 100% of the power”. When the takeoff airspeed is reached the nose of the airplane will begin to lift off the ground and then when the airspeed over the wings is high enough, the plane will lift off the ground. Once the airplane is off the ground, it takes several minutes for the plane to reach the desired altitude.
Landing is also a complicated process, pilots need to run a before landing check list, down the landing gear and initiate the descending several miles before they reached the airport. Once the runway is visible the pilot has to line up the airplane, reduce the power and once the plane touches down, break to a complete stop. Airplanes can fly for hours and thousands of miles but always need an airport for landing and taking off.

Women are like airplanes, if they see something that motivates them sexually, their brain will start checking if the conditions are favorable or not for that kind of thought so for women if they are not in the right place and in the right moment they will abort the flight. But let’s say that the conditions are adequate, now they need a runway and start revving up the engines, so in other words, they start getting on the mood by creating a fantasy, so the longest the runway the better the fantasy, but, to accomplish that they need several minutes and a lot of airspeed, not like us, that we just need few minutes to take off. Once they lift off the ground and heading towards a desirable altitude, the fantasy starts getting hotter and hotter. I just mentioned that men’s sexual thought doesn’t last long, similar to the time a helicopter can fly, well, women in the other hand, once they reached the right altitude they can sustain a sexual though way longer than men can do, once again, similar to the airplanes that can cover more distance.


But all of this has a price, women can’t land as fast as men do, they need to start descending gradually, they need to find the right runway, and only after they touch base they can fully break and that takes the same amount of time they needed to take off. Can you imagine the amount of energy and time that women require in order to think about sex? Well, that’s the reason why women can only think about sex once or twice a day, and not even every day, not like men that can go up and down in no time, plus, you have to add the fact that because the time women need for all these, chances are that they will be distracted or interrupted at any point, forcing them to either crash or perform an emergency landing, and we all know that plane accidents are usually more fatal than an helicopter accident.

My conclusion is “Yes, men have the ability to think about sex more often than women, however, I’m sure that when women think about sex, their fantasies are probably more pleasant and kinky than ours, and to be quite honest, I think quality is better than quantity and for that I think I envy them”

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