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The weekend is here and you are getting ready to hit up the local club or bar with the intention of having fun and why not, meeting a girl.

How many times have you been in that situation? Wow many times have you successfully approached a girl? We all go to a club or a bar full of confidence, but as soon as the first girl flees from us that confidence is gone and we end up either drunk or disappointed.

Girls will always fly away from creeps so don’t be caught being one of those, check the following guide to meet a girl in a club.

1. Don’t stand against the wall alone staring at girls: This is always very creepy for girls. Guys think is cool to stand against the wall, with one foot on the floor and the other on the wall, but that is an image created by Hollywood. Guys really believe that women will notice them and will say, “oh my god, how handsome and cool he is”. What girls really see is a creepy guy staring down their victims, ready to pounce and a looser that doesn’t have any friends and that’s the reason why he is alone standing against the wall and is just there to find a girl for a sexy time. So first of all, if you go to a club don’t go alone, always go with a friend, the only time is acceptable to go by yourself is if you go to a quite bar to have a drink.

2. Do not approach the girl you desire from behind: Girls hate when guys approached to them from behind when they are dancing with their girlfriends. Guys think that brushing up their body against girls’ behind and hoping they are drunk enough to turn around and not care is a good approach. Reality that this is creepy for most girls, and they will pull the “oh no, I’m a lesbian” and will grab the closest girl friend and dance with her to get the loser away. Remember something, girls’ behind and boobs are like a temple so always look at their eyes and never rub yourself against them.


3. Don’t by drinks to approach a girl: If you want to save money, never buy a drink to a girl if you haven’t engaged in a conversation first. Some girls are professionals in getting free drinks from guys and moving into the next sucker. Talk with a girl for a bit and after a song or two, then offer to buy her a drink. I’m personally against on being a gold mine for women, buying drinks or not splitting the check, but I guess one drink is ok.


4. Find the right group of women to approach to: This very important, you might think you are a handsome and cool guy and because of that, you are all set. Reality is that being handsome and cool doesn’t guarantee anything if you don’t approach to the right group of girls.

  • A group of two girls: When two girls go out together they will protect each other, they went to have fun together, so if they are going to meet a guy, both will have to meet one at the same time. If you bring your wingman to help score the girls and you crash a group of two girls, make sure that your wingman is confident and adequate for the other girl. Let’s say that the girl you like also likes you, but the other girl doesn’t like your wingman. Well, because they went together and they help each other, the one that doesn’t like your wingman will tell the other girl that she wants to go and guess what? You will not score.


  • A group of three girls: Here you have two options to approach a group of three girls. Option 1 is to approach the group of three girls with a group of three guys. Option 2 is to approach this group by yourself. If you and your wingman approach a group of three girls you are going to leave one of the girls behind, and again, because they always help each other, they won’t leave the one girl alone, they prefer to sacrifice the opportunity to meet a guy than leaving their friend alone. If it’s just you the one that approaches to this group of girls, two things can happen. If they girl you like also likes you, the other girls will ask her if she is ok and if she is ok they will remain close to her just in case. If the girl doesn’t like you, she will tell you that she is with her friends, sorry.

Group of friends in nightclub

A group of four girls: This is one of the most difficult groups to approach to; they go in pairs so if you plan to crash a group of four, good luck.


A group of five girls: This is the easiest one, five is an even number so, most likely if you crash a group of five nothing bad will happen, just make sure you don’t go after the girl that is the center of the group, go after the one that seems to be only listening and not engage in a conversation with the other girls.


My last quick tips:

  • Dress to impress, women look at everything, not just your face, they will prefer guys who dress sharp.
  • Be fun, women love that, if they see you smiling, joking around or doing silly dance moves with your buddies, it will catch their eye.
  • Pick the right venue according to your age; if you are in your late 40’s or in your 50’s, don’t go to a club unless to watch over your daughter or granddaughter, women will say, o grandpa is here. Go to a bar where you will meet women of your age.



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