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What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think about women? Let me guess, besides beauty, sexy, love, for sure you will say KIND. What would you say if I tell you that before kind you should be thinking about the word CRUEL?

Women usually blame men for being rude, inconsiderate, hurtful, etc; and I don’t disagree, we can be like that sometimes, but those behaviors are a response to the cruel behavior that women have toward us.

Women can be dishonest.


Ok, you met a girl at a club, you ask for her number, she gives it to you, the you call the day after and guess what? The number she gave you is a fake one.
Giving a fake number is just a strategy to get rid of a guy; very cruel strategy by the way, believe it or not many women will be laughing at you after giving you the number. But be careful here, if they do it, in their minds is because they think they are polite, if a guys does it is a moron.

The countermeasure: To identify a dishonest woman in this situation is to ask her to call your number from her cellphone, so you can have it in your cellphone instead of having it in a paper that most likely you will lose. If she refuses to do this, is because she is planning to give you a fake number, so you can tell her, that is ok, you were just planning to have her number because that will prove your friends that she gave you the number but you were not really planning to call her.

Women use men for free drinks.


Don’t be stupid, would you invest money in a company just because you like the logo? If you do that, believe me, you are going to bankruptcy as fast as lighting. The same concept applies to women. When women go out, they usually plan to spend your money, not theirs, they will show you some skin, will exchange some glances with you and you in exchange for all that will buy them drinks. 

The countermeasure: Never buy a drink to a girl if you haven’t spent some time conversing with them. If she talks to you for at least 15 minutes I would say it’s ok to buy a drink, but to be quite honest I prefer not to do it, I hate the fact that women see us as a goldmine and by the way, in my personal experienced I have scored many times with girls at a club without buying a drink, my formula is to ask for a drink when she goes to the bathroom or when I go to the bathroom or even better, I ask a friend to keep bringing me drinks which I’ll repay to him later and I use the following excuse, “sorry I don’t invite you a drink, I forgot my wallet so tonight my drinks are on my friend”

Women are manipulative.

women_are_cruel_3Women know that most guys can’t stand the sight of a crying woman, so they will take advantage of you by using tears to get what they want. Come on, men can cry as well, but we are not allowed, if you start crying your girlfriend or wife will say “Be a man”

The countermeasure: Do not care. If a woman starts crying, tell her that you don’t understand anything while she is crying, so turn around and tell her to come back to you when she is calmed. She will hate this and for sure will flip and then she will be super upset when she realizes that the crying won’t work again.


Women use physical violence way more often than men.

women_are_cruel_4How many times have you heard to never hit a woman? Now, how many times have you heard to never hit a man? I haven’t heard that ever.
A lot of women know that if a man hits them, they can call the police and you will end up in jail; so women take advantage if this man’s social condition to gain power on you; they believe that is perfectly fine to slap you in the face and it will be completely wrong if you respond by hitting her back.

The countermeasure: I would like to say that if your girlfriend or wife slaps you in the face, you are free to slap her back, but, we know you will end up in jail if you do that, so my suggestion is; after the first slap, hold her tight without hurting her and push her gently but firmly away from you. Right after that, take the phone and call 911 and report her for domestic abuse; you will see that she will never slap you in the face again.

Women are experts when it comes to criticize their men in public.

women_are_cruel_5I don’t know you, but it is very annoying; when your girlfriend or wife starts criticizing you in public and worse when they start shouting at you in front of lots of strangers. In this situation, in addition with dealing with the whole argument, you have to deal with all the people staring at you and imagining that you are a moron.
Women know that in those situations, your most common reaction would be to remain quiet and listening to her.

The countermeasure: Leave her alone yelling at you from the distance, if she does it again, leave again, and once you have the chance to confront her in private, tell her that you will be willing to discuss whatever she wants, in a private venue and with no yelling, otherwise you will continue turning your back and leaving.


Women love to make you waste your time in exchange of attention.

women_are_cruel_6After meeting a girl and flirting with her for a while, you ask her phone and she says, “Sorry I have a boyfriend”. So annoying right? Women love attention, so they won’t disclose their relationship status until the very end.

The countermeasure: If she makes you waste your time, just tell her at the end, no worries, my friends challenged me to talk to you and I won, we did talk, but I’m sorry, you are not really my type and I would feel awful getting your number knowing I wasn’t planning to call you.



Women think that testing you is ok to prove you love her.



You are all ready to go out with your friends and suddenly your girlfriend calls you and asks you to change your plans to be with her, even worse, she might say “If you really love me, you would come”.

The countermeasure: Tell her, “If you really love me, you would be ok with me going out with my guys, see you tomorrow”



Women flirt to inspire jealousy.



I don’t have to say much but women flirt because they like to flirt and they just say that they do it to make you jealous, but don’t you dare to flirt to another woman to inspire jealousy to your girlfriend, women think is ok for them to do it but never for a guy.

The countermeasure: Start flirting with other girls, and tell your girlfriend that you do it just to make her jealous, so you are even, and you will stop when she stops.





The worst of all, women withhold sex to make a point.

women_are_cruel_9What? Do you have a headache again? Ok, maybe women can withhold sex for months but not men and if you try to confront her it will be worst. But if you withhold sex to make a point, in their minds you are either cheating them, you don’t like them anymore or the worst of all you are coming out of the closet and now you like guys, ridiculous don’t you think?

The countermeasure: You can just say one day “Now I understand why guys cheat, this sex withholding in nonsense; sex is not all but is very important, I love you but if this situation continues I honestly don’t know what I would do”.
The second thing you could try is to make sure she finds you masturbating watching porn, if she gets upset, just tell her, that her headache is causing you a headache as well and you just needed to take some self sex medicine.

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