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I don’t know if you had the chance to watch the interview that CNN Host, Piers Morgan conducted few days ago with Janet Mock.

Janet Mock is a trans woman writer who stepped out the national stage in 2011 with an article published by the magazine Marie Claire titled “I was a boy” and more recently published a book titled “Redefining Realness: My path to womanhood, identity, love and so much more”.

This week, the CNN host caused a stir for what some people, mainly from the Transgender community say he was insensitive towards Janet in the way he conducted the interview. For me, seems that the whole commotion was caused because at some point during the first interview, he mentioned that Janet was formerly a man and it looks like that she didn’t like it; in a tweet from Janet, on February 5th she said @PiersMorganLive I was not formerly a man. Pls stop sensationalizing my life and misgendering trans women.

I’ve watched Piers many times before and watched again the interview with Janet, and I have to say that if someone is respectful with all kinds of people, that will be Piers.

Before I continue my comment I think is important to make the following statement, I’m an open minded man, as Piers, I respect everybody’s lifestyle, religion, sex preference and I found very rich that this world has lots of grays and not just blacks and whites, in fact, I personally know a beautiful girl who happens to be a trans woman, so I ask her opinion on this issue; I don’t have her permission to use her real name, so I’m going to call her Mary.

Me: Hi Mary let me ask you something, do I offend you when I sometimes reference the time you were a boy? After watching Piers yesterday, seems that I have probably done it.

Mary: You know what, I’m not offended at all, I personally believe that Janet is mistaken with her comments and reaction towards Piers.

Me: Why is that?

Mary: I understand Janet when she said she was never a boy. Since I have memory, I always felt like a woman and my mind always told me I was a woman, however, something we have to be very honest about is the fact that we born as a boy; we had the body of a boy, we had men genitalia and for the most part we dressed like a boy an acted as a boy to cope with society, even if in our minds we strongly believed we were a woman. I think Janet is trying to erase everything that reminds her that she was a boy and that is not healthy; in my case I’m proud to admit I was a boy once and I did everything in my power to change that, it wasn’t easy but I did it, and even though I’ve always been a girl, there’s still some of that little boy in me.

Mary continues: Let me give you another example. How many rich people came from poorness? If you think about it, usually those people are very proud of their origins, they are not afraid to recognize in front of everyone that they were once poor, but they are very proud that they worked hard and changed their lives. I’m sure that in their minds, they were not happy being poor and that’s why they did something about it, so like me; I worked hard to change who I was. There’s also some rich people that came from poorness that try to erase that from their history, they feel ashamed and not proud, so they try to deny it or hide it by not talking about it; and I’m afraid that Janet is falling in that game as well.

Mary continues: I haven’t read Janet’s book, but I will, but another thing that is very important for trans women is to always be honest with ourselves and with others, one day I hope I will find the love of my life and I would love to have a family, but honesty will be key. Can you imagine what would happen if a meet a man I marry him and suddenly he wants to have kids? What would I say, sorry honey I’m not fertile? I don’t think so, before something serious happen I will have to say, honey, sorry I love you with all my heart but I have to confess you something, I’m a trans woman and that means I was once a boy hence I don’t have the reproductive system of a woman so if we ever think about having babies, we would have to adopt.

Mary continues: You see, we can’t run away from saying “I was once a boy”, because is true and to live as a woman in plenitude, we have to be honest, make peace with our past and embrace that past as part of who we are now.

I have to say that the comments from my friend touched me; she is so secure and mature that I’m happy to have her as friend and in regards the debate Piers VS Janet, sorry Janet, I hope you can make peace with your past and Piers, great interview and hope you continue the great job you always do.


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