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Have you ever asked a priest if God is male or female? Well, I have. I born in a Catholic family however I wouldn’t say that we are Catholics, no one in my family goes to church, read the bible and we don’t get married by the church, but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in God, we believe and pray to God in our own way.

Long time ago at a friend’s gathering they invited a Catholic priest and somehow he tried to lecture me about how mistaken I was for not going to church. I do respect everyone and I don’t intend to change people, but I do enjoy sharing my opinion when people is open to listen and also I’m also open to hear other people’s opinion as long as they don’t try to change me.

Anyways, this is what happened during our conversation:

Priest: Paul, I’m sure our Father is not happy that you don’t take the time to go to his house and thank him for all the blessings you have received, in addition, your kids are growing away from God and that is not good.

Me: Father, with all due respect I think I spend a lot of my time thanking God of all the good things that have happened in my life. I personally think that God is not my father, I think God is Mother Nature and nature is everywhere, so I can be mowing my lawn and talking to Mother Nature at the same time and for me that is the way I spend time with God. I also explained my kids that God is everywhere not only in a church.

Priest: Well Paul, you are mistaken; Mother Nature is part of God’s creation but is not God.

Me: Father, again with all due respect, let me ask you something, is God Male or Female?

Priest: Well, God is a Spirit and does not possess human characteristics but God revealed himself to mankind in male form. Also remember that humanity is created in God’s image, that’s why he created Adam and Eve.

Me: Ok, so God is both female and male, is that what you are saying?

Priest: Not really, he is not human is a spirit.

Me: Ok, but you just said that God created humanity to its image, so, if we are God’s image that means that somehow he is hermaphrodite.

Priest: No, you are getting all wrong. Men and women are only patterned after the image of God, that doesn’t mean God has male or female features; we are not tiny copies of God. God decided to reveal to humanity as a man because humanity cannot comprehend God as a spirit and the Scripture always reference God as our Father.

Me: Sorry father, I’m not yet convinced, if a have to give God a human characteristic I would prefer to call her Mother, that is why for me Mother Nature is God. Let me explain why, in my opinion God is Female.

1. The Scripture was written by men, not by women. In my opinion the Bible is sexist, especially because it was written in a time that almost every culture in the world was patriarchal in structure and women at that time were treated like objects. I don’t that is what God really wants, but again, at that time men needed to come up with something divine to establish their dominancy over women, so women thought it was ok to be treated like that because it was God’s will

2. Let’s take for example the fable about Adam and Eve; God created Adam first and then Eve from Adam’s rib so as to be his wife. In my personal opinion, this one is also sexist and used as an excuse to say that God created men to his one image, meaning, God is a man, and then God gave us a woman just to be accompanied, like a toy. In my opinion God represents beauty, forgiveness, infinite love and life, and all those are female features, men are far away from those features, in fact we create wars, we compete to see who is the best, we are rancorous and finally we can’t give birth as women do, so in my opinion, women are way closer to God’s image than men and that is the reason why for me Mother Nature is God and has a female spirit, I like to think about him as my mother not as my father and because of that I can’t follow what your church preaches.

Priest: Well, I’m so sorry to hear that you don’t want to get closer to our church but I will pray for one day you change your mind.

That was the end of the conversation; I didn’t want to convince the priest that I was right and he was wrong, I just gave him my opinion, but it seems that for him I’m still mistaken and things are black or white, not grays in between.

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