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You probably didn’t know but high heels were made and worn by men before they became a symbol of femininity and sexiness, and now a days, a man in high heels is often seen as someone weird; however an elite group of men, not the typical Joe of course, are ready to claim back a style that it was once ours and they are ready to break the idea that some shoe styles belong to just one gender.

man in high heels

I know what you are going to say, “What? high heels for men? Are you nuts? I’m going to quit reading this article, I’m not gay”. Well, hold your horses, I’m not gay, I like women and even if I were gay I don’t think that it should matter, gay men dress like straight men and sometimes even better, so don’t get the wrong idea, you don’t have to be a queer to dress with style and let’s be honest, women’s fashion have been allowed to change with the times but men still wear the same boring stuff we always have.

Let’s start with a little bit of history. Dating back to 3500 B.C., ancient Egyptians nobilities wore heels to set them apart from the lower class, who would normally go barefoot, however, high heels also served a practical purpose for Egyptian butchers who wore them in order to walk over bloodied bodies of animal carcasses.

During the ancient Roman and Greek, high heels were popular among actors who would wear them to differentiate the social classes.

Then, around the ninth century the Persians horseback warriors developed heels that helped rider’s foot from slipping out the stirrups; and when the Persians visited Europe in 1599 to recruit allies; a craze for Persian culture developed and high heels were adopted enthusiastically by Western European aristocrats.


The shoes became a status symbol and the heels were extended to make the men look even taller. Some people believe that aristocrats used to say that the heels helped them to stay closer to God. As usually happens, high fashion is always adapted into more affordable versions and filters down to the less fortunate, so the lower classes started to wear high heels as well and the elite increasingly higher to maintain to maintain the distinction of being upper-class, so the higher the heel the more expensive the shoe was.


Then, around 1600, women started showing their equality by wearing high heels as men; however they started adding ribbons and colors to women’s heels that were not suitable for men. That’s one of the things I don’t understand from women, they wanted to be equal to men but in the search of that equality they still want to make a distinction.

Believe it or not but you can blame the pornography industry for making the high heels a symbol of womanhood and sex, when photographers and filmmakers often took pictures of naked women and filmed women wearing heels while having sex, before that, women and men drifted away from the heel as it truly wasn’t practical, particularly on old muddy or cobblestone style streets, where heels were nearly impossible to walk in.

High heels are uncomfortable, prolonged use can injure your feet, knees and back, so why men should wear them? Well, it depends in the image you want to portray; for women, heels can attract a favorable notice, they make them taller and force their back to arch and their buttocks rearward. So I would say that the new generation of men wants to be more sophisticated, it’s not about trying to look like a woman, it is about wearing that makes you look good.

The key for this revolution is that designers have to focus in creating high heels that look more masculine and suitable for a business environment.

To prove the concept, I bought a pair of high heels for myself and walk around. I have to say that I didn’t find them discomforting, they added more height which was good because I’m 5’8 and I feel a little short; once you know how to keep your balance they make you walk with more style and combined with skinny jeans the heels added proportion to my legs by looking longer and leaner. So the conclusion is that men should wear high heels once again.










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